Trieste Jeanne (luscious_cherry) wrote,
Trieste Jeanne

Reset and Refreshed

That was probably the most challenging week I've had all year.
Crazy dust on Monday had me thinking to myself that I was going to go home . . . Fuck Burning Man! Thankfully it blew over after dark. The weather was warm, sweltering, chilly, and freezing. I had a slight electrolite scare at one point, and I ended up eating like shit all week.

I laughed and giggled. I experienced simple happiness and great, overwhelming joy :)
I cried, and wept, and sobbed. I greived and celebrated.

I connected with black rock desert and feel the need to get involved in taking care of her during and possibly after the event . . . I plan on getting in touch with The Earth Guardians to see how I can contribute.

I met the Operations Manager of the Artery (the organization who registers the artists and their pieces). I want to get in touch with her (and Jared has Crimson's information, so I can probably reach Cheeks through her) and see how I can get involved with their organization.

If I were more hardcore (and maybe it will happen in the future), I would love to hook up with the DPW.

I want to get my  hands dirty with the organization and logistics of this event. I want to contribute to making my city even better than it already is.

Next year I will be taking a large-ish-scale art piece to showcase, play with, and then burn (if most of the material it will be made of can be burned -- there's regulations you know).

I'm going to be writing a short story about the desert . . . my rough draft is started. I'm thankful to have FINALLY realized that the beauty is in revision :)

The temple was stunning.
The man's fireballs upon ignition were great fun -- the fireworks seemed better this year than last, and the man had little star shaped lights where the ovaries would go I thought that was funny, and I liked the little, fallic, monuments that surrounded the man.
Synchronized swimming was sooooooo fun :) I'm sorry we only got to do it that one day.

Cruising around on the Jellyfish was sooooo fun :)

I crashed my bike after leaving Hippocampus Cafe. It resulted in a spectacular bruise. I'm glad it was a superficial injury.
I did the Monkey Chant with the HeeBeeGeeBee Healers
I saw the Safari Bar again :) and shared my Chex Mix.
My heart broke when Basura Sagrada, the temple, burned. I visited the temple three times at the end of the week. I was deeply touched once again by all the pain, and greif. I let a lot of my own go. There were a few things written that helped me realize that I am not guilty, and I wanted to find the person who left it there to tell them that they aren't guilty either. The little rooms outside of the temple were so touching :) The little shrine with all the match books was for a Jewish couple from New York who had collected match books from all over the United States as they traveled after their retirement. The end of the letter said to take a match book to keep, light a match for them, they were good people. The couple had hoped their matchbook collection would be worth money some day.
I wandered the desert with good friends, I loved the art Installation called Illusion : The time I spent out there with Chris and Monique Backer and Mark will be something I will always treasure. Interestingly enough, this was created by a man in Provo.
Mutopia was AMAZING!!! The Flaming Lotus Girls' crew consists of 100 people and they are always welcoming more -- even boys, but men are required to bring a woman with them :)
The giant duck art car with the mirrored head, flaming crest, and spotlight eyes was an amazing feat of engineering. Jared reported back to us that the driver was using images captured by a camera in real time . . . . uh, no visability? SWEET!!! The first time I saw it, it was cruising magestically across the playa :) Congrats to that crew for the execution.
And I met my greatest challenge -- and ran around topless for much of the week. Critical Titts was fun -- except for the part when I got sprayed in the face/ear with vinegar . . . I know that guy meant well, but vinegar is for feet and legs, you should not spray topless women in the face with it.
I banged my head on a metal piece in Amie's car when we were packing up to go home. It hurt no doubt, but the pain was so shocking that all I could do whas hold my head, and my breath. I cried, and then when Tay realized I was having pain and freak out, she asked me if I was ok. That started me off into the hysterical laugh/cry/hyperventilate motion . . . how fucking ludacris. hahahaha.The goose egg is gone, but my head is still tender.

I feel inspired, self actualized, cleansed, rested, exhausted, productive, enlightened, blessed, greatful, and proud of our little community. I cannot wait for next year.

Maybe more later.
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